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Some of these WordPress themes featured below are more popular than others according to your preference. There are too many to list about WordPress ‘Twenty’ series themes and (e.g Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Fifteen etc.). It’s very difficult to beat all of the ‘Twenty’ series themes. All themes come pre-installed with WordPress features. Know the most popular option, Twenty Fifteen, has 1+ million active installs. The least popular ‘Twenty’ series theme, Twenty Sixteen which has just recently been released, has 100,000+ active installs. Have fun with the different WordPress themes on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. See our blog search box for more details on WordPress sites.

WordPress.com Websites
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WordPress.com Websites

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Search WordPress.com to create a beautiful website in minutes . Find free custom domains in first year. Signup fast secure web hosting. Get 24/7 support with paid online web plans. Quickly register and sign up for your WordPress account to start building your future business website or personal blog on the web.  WordPress.com  is easy-to-read and secure with live chat and email help. See websitetech. us