Sauerkraut Sandwiches
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How To Make Homemade Sauerkraut

Homemade Sauerkraut Sandwich

All you need is here to make  homemade Sauerkraut  in your kitchen. Just combine shredded cabbage with some salt and pack it into a container — a crock if you have one and want to make a lot of  sauerkraut , but a mason jar will fit just fine for small batches in your refrigerator. The homemade cabbage releases liquid, creating its own brining solution a magnificent taste. Submerged in this liquid for a period of several days or weeks, the  cabbage  slowly ferments into the crunchy, homemade  sour condiment  we know and love as sauerkraut the way we like it. 

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Sauerkraut Sandwiches

Sauerkraut Sandwiches
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Sauerkraut Sandwich Recipes

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