Meeting the Web Digital Expectations of 2020 Customers

Meeting the Web Digital Expectations of 2020 Customers

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Web Digital Experience Good Old Days

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Remember the good old days of web digital experience customers? When a snazzy-looking website with good SEO kept the customers coming in regularly on the worldwide internet channels .

Web digital experience usage have changed a lot since the time of dinosaur internet channels. Social networks, IoT devices, smart speakers and other emerging platforms have created huge shifts in how customers find and engage with brands in the web digital realm.

You see it in the major declines in desktop usage, or in the fact that 97% of web digital experience mobile app usage is concentrated in just 10 web digital apps. It’s apparent that consumers are increasingly interacting with their favorite brands somewhere other than their website or app.

This new way of web digital consumption requires a different approach to the web technologies that drive the web digital experience of today’s customers.

How can your brand become the top dog in this new web digital landscape?

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