Private Tiny House For Rent

Private Tiny House For Rent

News Published by Online-Listing inc.

News Published by Online-Listing Inc.

Rent Custom Tiny House in Private Locations

Your family lifestyle can be much suitable for a custom tiny house which is situated on a private landscaped yard in a quiet neighborhoods around the country. Many locations are an easy access to the downtown light rail which makes it perfect for combining the best of both worlds: simple living and city life. A sample of one tiny house is a custom hand-laid recycled brick path leads you to the front porch and front door of this particular tiny home. Inside the sample Tiny House is enough room for three people on a queen bed and a twin bed in this tiny home. You’ll also find heated floors, tons of windows, and a minimalist, Asian-influenced interior design, including state-of-the-art composting toilets.

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