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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Signup Free Foreclosure Alerts Online

Signup Free Foreclosure Alerts

Know that Foreclosure Alert property has previously been in foreclosure at the point of sale. Foreclosure Alert provides actionable information to help insurers minimize the risk from properties currently or previously in foreclosure.You can follow each month and find out tens of thousands of new property insurance applications are submitted for previously foreclosed properties. These properties pose the possibility of undisclosed or unknown damage – including neglect, vandalism, and crime – that occurred during the foreclosure process, before the property was purchased. This damage may or may not be fixed before a new homeowner seeks insurance.

“In the year of 2012, It was said more than 11 percent of all mortgages were in foreclosure or at least one payment behind,” quote Scott Amussen vice president of property solutions at Verisk Insurance Solutions – Underwriting. “ Note that many of these properties will be added to the estimated 550,000 previously foreclosed homes that need to be sold.”

All US States make foreclosure information available via public records. Foreclosure Alert uses multiple data sources to capture actual foreclosure activity in each state. Foreclosure Alert can be integrated directly into a company’s underwriting workflow very easily.

In summary, Foreclosure Alert offers a monitoring service that identifies if a current mortgage policyholder enters any stage of the foreclosure process. The monitoring service alerts insurers to a pending real estate foreclosure and tracks the key stages to help insurers identify when the property may be vacant, conveyed to a new owner, or to investigate a suspicious claim filed while the property is in the foreclosure process.

Signup Free Foreclosure Alerts Online

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