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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

For Your Engagement Wear Unique Aventine Rings

For Your Engagement Wear Unique Aventine RingsHey! I've found unique rings online and would like to share my thoughts about a particular one design. It's creative patterns gives a presence of a peace within my soul. I can say it doesn't matter who the maker is between men or women the bottom line is unique rings will dominate events, weddings, or personal engagement.

These unique rings are called "Aventine" in which a colorful statement is made in vintage crystals diamond shape antique silver-tone ring hand made in  the city of New York.  Kim Kardashian and Jana Kramer worn these rings on special occasions during different events.

Make a colorful statement when you wear the Jeweled "Aventine" Ring. Cast in recycled brass, the ring is colored and is versatile and easy to wear. The diamond shape set on top is covered with an assortment of small round crystals in individual prong settings. 

Covering a range of brilliant colors, the opaque crystals form stripes down the center of the 1.5-inch diamond shape. The diamond is curved around a flat silver-toned ring band, so it sits comfortably and securely on your finger. Pair this stunning ring with layered silver chain necklaces or bracelets to show off its gorgeous color palette. Search more details about Aventine rings


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