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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Check Out The Salesman Positions From Top 500 Fortune Companies in The U.S.

The Job Market Might Be Weak But There Are Still Good Opportunities
Posted on June 30, 2012 by Merry Johnson

You don't need a college degree to sell insurance for Sales Jobs. Many college graduates are flocking there, desperate for income in the rough job market. Here's a story about John Dodge, a 2009 graduate of Louisiana State University was gunning for a career job in marketing. But when his job search came up short, he turned to the insurance. "It was more like, 'Show me what you have?' because there wasn't much out there to choose from," Mr. Dodge says. Where debt-laden college graduates once might have resisted commission-based sales positions, the 14% unemployment rate for 20- to 24 -year-olds means fewer grads are turning up their nose at sales jobs. WSJ Careers on Facebook Weigh in: Is an Ivy League Degree Worth It? .Journal Community ..Companies say they don't keep figures on the educational credentials of their work forces but that the national unemployment rate of 9% means job applications are up generally in the last few years. Commission-based employers say that out of that bigger applicant pool, they have been able to scoop up more talent with college degrees. And companies say such employees are especially dedicated workers. One of the insurance companies he chose was Aflac, which is based in Columbus, Ga., has seen increased interest from college graduates since 2008 and has hired 11,000 agents overall between the ages of 21 and 25 over the past four years, says Chief Operating Officer Paul Amos. Hiring at New York Life Insurance Co. was especially heavy from 2009 through this year, says Rich Simonetti, a vice president. That includes an influx of college and M.B.A. graduates applying for jobs, he says. Sales-oriented companies have been able to ramp up hiring as other companies cut back in part because commission-based jobs are less of an investment then typical salaried positions. In many cases, new commission-based hires are given no base salary or a low one. Some are not eligible for health-care benefits. Mr. Dodge, the Louisiana State alumnus, began selling accident, life and dental insurance in Baton Rouge, La., by cold calling companies. At first, he was rejected 15 times for every face-to-face appointment he secured. He had no base salary, no health insurance and no other benefits. In his first year, Mr. Dodge brought in $40,000 on commissions. He soon learned a sure-fire way to warm up potential clients: sports. "There's always a connection you have to make with people because you're selling them an intangible item," he says. "Louisiana State University is big around here, as are the Saints" football team, he says. Within a year he was promoted to district sales coordinator. Mr. Dodge projects he'll make $100,000 this year on commission, plus a bonus." There are many other sales opportunities out there, but you can start with a hot lead which is aflec first, then search many others afterwards.

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